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Dr. Sandeep Gupta will be interviewed by Scott, The Better Health Guy, on some of the burning questions about Mold Illness and Water-Damaged Buildings that we face in 2020.
Mold Illness Made Simple 2 
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Thu 22 Oct 5pm PT/8pm ET (US)
Fri 23 Oct 10am QLD/11am NSW/VIC (Aus)
IEP Inspection 
Dr. Gupta will give a taster of what to expect in the new 
Mold Illness Made Simple course including:
Cutting through the confusion and misinformation in the mold community.
Is the use of precision binders helpful?

How much of role does VIP treatment still play?

How important is eradicating MARCoNS?

What is the role of limbic retraining/ support?

What is benefit of a mold sabbatical?
How does a virtual IEP consult work?

Should the IEP and remediator be different?

Can air filters be used in place of remediation?

How do you screen for IEPs that are CIRS aware?
What are some of the conditions that mold is a possible co-factor for?

What is the latest thinking on HLA-DR genes?

Mold allergy vs biotoxin illness.

The value of organic acids testing for fungal colonization.

How useful are urinary mycotoxins tests, are they confounded by food sources?
Four years in the making, with all new animated slides and the most up-to-date information, join Dr. Gupta across 30 lessons as he clarifies the mechanism, screening, diagnosis and treatment of Mold Illness/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) -- plus the process of building inspection/IEP (Indoor Environmental Professionals) and mold remediation is also explored in-depth.
A new chapter in the understanding of Mold Illness is almost here
Don't miss out on this webinar